Kazuyo Shionoiri - Dancer and choreographer

Kazuyo was born in Tokyo in 1984.
She studied Japanese tradition Dance from 4 years old for ten years. When she was 12 years old, she started modern dance by the club activities of a school. In 2002, she studied about dance and physical education in Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education.

Some prizes are won at a dance national competition during university student.
In 2005, she formed Duo group ‘Five years and four months’.
The maiden work "Such a nice day" awarded the Toyama governor prize(1st prize) in Artistic Movement in TOYAMA 2005.
In 2007, our work ‘I kept it’ awarded Finalist Prize 5th in The 10th International Dance Competition in NAKANO.
She participated in ‘The power generation NOTE’ which Noriyoshi Takemori will superintend from 2007.
In 2008, she formed Duo group with Noriyoshi Takemori ‘NORI SHIO※’.
In 2008-2010, to pursue choreography, she studied dance and physical movement at A graduate of
Japan Woman’s College of Physical Education.
In 2008-2009, she performed and choreographed for ‘Shit ○○○!!’ ‘FUJIYAMA’ ‘NASUBI’ in Japanese dance company KAGAYAKUMIRAI.
In 2009, she formed contemporary dance company ‘Galaxy of starting a trip’.
In2010, she taught Modern Dance class in Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education. In 2010-2011,
she was awarded a scholarship by Japanese Government Overseas Study Program (Clipa Theater).
In 2011, she performed ‘Observatory’ as a performer of Clipa Theater at ISRAEL’S FESTIVAL 50th in Jerusalem
and SCHEUNE SCHAUBUDEN SOMMER INTERNATIONALES FESTIVAL in Germany, Tbilisi International Festival of Theater in Georgia.
In 2011, the work "Galaxy of starting a trip" of "Galaxy of starting a trip" elected as the finalist for the Yokohama dance collection EX.
After one year of practicing, she become a member of the group and participated in few shows.
In 2012, The work “Atom” created with Oded Zadok.
Appeared in Israel at 'Clipa Aduma' festival and in 'Intimadance' festival and in The International Exposure for Theater.
In 2013, The International Exposure for dance, In Russia DIVERSIA Festival in The work "Dummy" appeared in Israel at 'Clipa Aduma' Festival.

in 2013 and 'MICASA SUCASA' in 2013, in Poland ‘Sopot Fringe Festival’ in 2014.
In 2014, Yokohama Dance Collection in Japan (http://www.yokohama-dance-collection-r.jp/ydc2014/en/competition.html)
International choreography competition in Israel.
She participated in 'Tami dance company' and joint International performance tour in China and Macau.
and International exposure in Israel In 2015, she choreographed a solo Emptiness and Fullness https://youtu.be/AjfKrJ8hluA