Tennis - Now or Never

On Tour

18 Min. Solo: The tennis player’s obsession for her victory in the tennis game as an image of our survival here and now: to attack/ to defend, to lose/ to win. From the personal and intimate to the social and political- to a sound track that combines original sounds from the tennis court with trance and soul music.

“A tennis player’s obsession with victory…Daring, exuberant and utterly contemporary״ Singapore         Selected by an international panel from almost 200 entries… a fascinating glimpse into the creative processes and themes that drive the current generation contemporary dance artists. At once profound and questioning, playful and reflective… “ 

Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer: Dor Frank| Music: Part 1- 20syl - Game set & match
 Radiohead - Good Evening Mrs Magpie [Modeselektor RMX] David Bowie - Station To Station
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
 Rachid Taha - Now or Never feat. Jeanne Added, | Music editor: Harel Tsemah | Lighting design: Uri Morag | Costumes Design: Inbal Ben Zaken | Stage Design: Talia Freed |  International Communications: Katherina Vasiliadis |

Photos by: 

Dana Karuchi