Tennis Middle East

On Tour 

10 Min. Solo: The tennis player’s obsession for her victory in the tennis game as an image of

 our survival here and now: to attack/ to defend, to lose/ to win. From the personal

and intimate to the social and political- to a sound track that combines original sounds from the tennis court with trance and soul music.


Can be performed indoors and outdoors


Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer/ Collaborator: Asami Ida | Music: Alexey Arkhipovskiy – Cinderella, The Band - Theme From The Last Waltz | Music editor: Harel Tsemah | Lighting design: Uri Morag | Costumes Design: Inbal Ben Zaken |

Stage Design: Talia Freed | Stage Manager: Michal Ben Basat | 


TENNIS MIDDLE EAST, 10 min. solo, is an independent part of TENNIS TRUE STORY PROJECT’s premier Sep. 2017.