A new dance series
3 Choreographers in the evening 1 -  60 minutes
Production, artistic consulting - Katrina Wassiliadis
In the intimate hall of Tami House, with the audience sitting close to the stage
Sheinkin Street, Tel Aviv  Thursday, March 28, 20:00
Tickets: 55 NIS   Link for tickets: eventbuzz.co.il/nimrodfreedMarch 

2 works by Ido Gidron and performed by Gianni Noternicola, Roni Rahamim and Ido Gidron.
Dualism - two desires, two channels, black and white are functioning together in our midst. Premiere - Batsheva Ensemble with the support of the Michael Sela Foundation and the Batsheva Dance Company. https: //vimeo.com/294123633 
Gever forever - A young man's story and his desires for women. Premiere The "Screen of 2018" festival, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. https://vimeo.com/306911996 
Shows around the world - Germany, Holland, Denmark, Cyprus, Canaries and more.  Unable to Ingiven                                                                    By Noa Shavit, winner of the EMI Award for Outstanding Performance Dancer for 2017 "To break the muscles, to remember. To go in the set of what was. Pass without apologizing. Choke back what broke, refine the pain ... Recruiting love to smooth the cracks ... "premiere at Intima Dance Festival 2018, Tmuna Theater. "... powerful ... special ... one of the best works presented this year in a complete dance" Ora Brafman, The Jerusalem Post. Before performances in Berlin.  Shavit-VisitingArtist-mp4-3.mp4
Tennis Middle East By Nimrod Fried. Conductor and co-creator Tal Bender. The tennis game and the obsessive struggle of the tennis player for victory as a metaphor for our war of survival here and now. Accompanied by authentic sound from the tennis court and soul music. "... a victory ..." Ma'ariv. Nimrod Fried / The Tami Group - Performances in five continents and in Israel.Trailer  https://vimeo.com/291245015